The Democrats: The party of five infamous ‘S’s’ adds a ‘T’ for treason

It is always my intent to use this site to discuss, criticize, and attack both Republicans and Democrats when they take any action that undermines the welfare of Americans, decreases the strength and security of the United States, or exposes the loyalty of U.S. officials and citizens to the interests of a foreign nation over those of the United States.

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Not even Wikileaks can help: Obama’s inexplicable diplomacy in South Asia

Below is an essay that I wrote this week for the electronic journal The Diplomat. The title above is my original title. The journal changed it in a way that made it look like I endorsed Wikileaks’ illegal activities. The editor agreed to change that title and it is now called “When Wikileaks meets U.S. policy” on The Diplomat’s site.

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Thanksgiving thoughts on non-intervention and treason

North Korea

The North Korean military’s artillery attack on a South Korean island this week — and act of war — again highlights why non-interventionists cannot be Pacifists. Whether or not the U.S. alliance with South Korea is a good idea, it is a fact, and the North’s acts of war against a U.S. alliance partner are intolerable.

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Osama lectures Obama, Brennan, and Petraeus on how the mujahideen will beat America

The third issue of Inspire, al-Qaeda-in-the-Arab-Peninsula’s English-language magazine, was released last night and is devoted al-Qaeda’s recent attempt to destroy cargo aircraft with package bombs. [1] The magazine explains that the failed attack was called “Operation Hemorrhage” and is one part of a broader offensive meant to cause “maximum losses to the U.S. economy” and major damage to the “aviation industry, an industry that is vital for trade and transportation between the United States and Europe.”

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All for Israel? Even bribery, disloyalty, and keeping U.S. kids hungry?

President Obama and Secretary of State [Hillary] Clinton are publicly bribing Israel to halt settlement construction for 90 days in return for 20 F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft, valued at about $3 billion dollars. In other words, Israel, a gangster-ridden, theocratic sandpit at the far end of the Mediterranean, has demonstrated its ability to extort almost anything it wants, whenever it wants it, from the greatest power the world has ever known.

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The motors of anti-Muslim hatred in America are …

There has been much recent moaning and groaning in the media about the growth of anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States. These queries have been accompanied by agonized and bewildered questions about where such sentiment comes from and what causes it. This scenario would be comical — nay, hilarious — if it was not destined to bring war into the United States. Let me say that I believe the two biggest and most obvious sources of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States are the U.S. Congress and Muslim-American leaders.

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Note to Tea Party: End interventionism first

With mid-term voting over it is difficult to know exactly how many reliable voices and votes Tea Party (TP) issues will command in the Republican caucus beginning in January, 2011. Indeed, a cynic might expect savvy, long-time Republicans to simply absorb the Tea Party’s position on economic issues, make the TP’s voice nothing more than a “me too!” on economic legislation, and then run candidates to purge TP-supported representatives in 2012.

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Osama shows who is the boss

While still a developing story, today’s successful al-Qaeda effort to get explosives into the United States and Europe on aircraft flying out of Yemen again emphasizes the deception presidents Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton have practiced on the American people. Nothing could be more untrue then the claims by these men that al-Qaeda and its allies are merely a small bunch of — take your pick — thugs, criminals, or nihilists who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion. This lie, quite simply, is slowly killing American security.

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